Vacuum Atmospheres Patented Solvent Purifier

The Vacuum Atmospheres Patented Solvent Purifier System (SPS) is a safer method for drying organic solvents when compared to thermal distillation. The system repeatedly circulates solvent through a factory conditioned purification cartridge and a stainless steel reservoir. 

The system is sized to be filled or refilled with a 4 liter solvent bottle. The compact size eliminates the need to store large quantities of volatile solvents and reduces potential waste of large amounts of solvent due to accumulation of impurities, such as peroxides. Most importantly this very safe drying method does not require heat or reactive drying agents.

The SPS allows for the dispensing of precise amounts of anhydrous solvents on demand.

Ask us about our in-box dispensing options.

Key Benefits

Our simplified purifier comes with everything required including solvent resistant circulation pump, purification cartridge and storage tank.
  • The system is capable of removing H2O in ACS grade THF to < 1 ppm.
  • Closed loop circulation design provides anhydrous solvent in 6 hours.
  • For safety reasons the system is designed to operate with 1 psi pressure.
  • Dries up to 200 liters with one cartridge (ACS grade solvent).
  • When capacity is reached, the drying media is user replaceable, no need to return to VAC for media replacement.
  • Does not require large external solvent kegs. This eliminates the need for fireproof storage cabinets that take up valuable floor space.
  • Modular design allows you to configure the system to be installed in a standard exhaust hood.
  • Purchase one module and add modules as required.
  • Easily filled through an NW40-KF feedthrough on top of each module.



Technical Data

The solvent purifier will remove moisture to < 1 ppm measurements were done with Karl Fisher titration using ACS grade THF with no Inhibitors.

Purification Time: The purifier will condition the solvent in 6 hours. With this fast recovery time, the purifier easily provides more than 8 liters of anhydrous solvent per day.

Purification Cartridge Life: The purification cartridge will remove approximately 48 grams of H2O ( >250 liters of ACS grade solvent @ 200 ppm).

Solvent Purifier Dimensions: This assembly is 27.3” high x 9.8” wide x 15” deep

Fill Capacity: 4 liters

Circulation Time: 6 hours.

Purification Cartridge Capacity: ~200 liters with ACS grade solvent

Oxygen Removal: Inert gas sparging removes the initial oxygen in the unconditioned solvent. Contact factory about non sparging oxygen removal.

Fill Capacity: The purifier is optimized to be filled/refilled with a 4 liter solvent bottle.

Reservoir: The reservoir holds over 5 liters of solvent although the purifier is designed to be filled/refilled with a 4 liter solvent bottle. A solvent resistant circulation pump is included. A universal power adapter powers this pump.

Oxygen Removal: Inert gas sparging removes the initial oxygen in the unconditioned solvent. Contact factory about non sparging oxygen removal.

Sample Size: From 1 milliliter sample to a large 1 liter sample. The circulation conditions and keeps all the solvent in an anhydrous condition.

Sampling: The purifier is provided with a 24/40 universal inlet adapter for application to a variety of flasks and sampling systems. Each user can easily customize the connection for each particular application or discuss other options with VAC.

Solvent Purifier: Stainless Steel assembly with reservoir, control valves, filters, user connections. This assembly is 27.3” high x 9.8” wide x 14.8” deep, not including the cartridge or allowance for gas or vacuum piping.

Cartridge: The purification cartridge is a 2.5 liter stainless steel vessel that holds the purification media that removes the moisture from the organic solvents. The cartridge has quick release fittings to allow easy user installation of the cartridge. The cartridge media is preconditioned by VAC for peak performance.

Includes solvent resistant PTFE vacuum pump, distribution manifold to supply 7 purifiers and 50′ of PTFE tubing and fittings for connection.

  • One vacuum pump assembly is required

0-10 psig gas regulator and distribution manifold for up to 7 purifiers. Mounted on a stainless steel panel that closes the open end of the right most purifier.

  • One regulator kit is required

Utilities Required:

Inert gas supply – Nitrogen or argon, 99.995% minimum purity level. 

Electrical power supply – Single phase, 110 or 220 VAC, 60/50 Hz power. 

Dry Vacuum pump – Requires a minimum flow of 0.64 cfm, 18 L/min and a minimum vacuum of 26 inches Hg.

Purification Media Replacement/ Cartridge Recharge: When saturated, the purification media is easily replaced with fresh pre-activated media supplied by VAC. No on-site activation required. 


In-Glovebox Solvent Dispenser: This dispenser provides anhydrous solvent directly into the glovebox thus eliminating any exposure to moisture.

Solvent Keg Adapter: The VAC fill adapter allows users to replenish the VAC built in reservoir from industry standard large volume reservoirs.

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