Proven Gas Purification Technology

The NEXUS-II has been designed to be the most efficient and customizable glovebox available on the market.

The VAC integrated inert gas purifier compactly fits entirely under the glovebox.

This purifier design is only 16” in depth and located toward the rear to allow more leg room or more space for under glovebox storage or equipment. This allows the NEXUS-II to be the ideal platform for custom integrations of cold wells, spin coaters, special heating wells and other equipment required for your research.

The NEXUS-II comes with a 7″ standard color touch screen control. A 10″ touch screen control is optional, and either choice means fast and easy access to your glovebox settings.

The NEXUS-II glovebox system comes complete with vacuum pump, gloves, shelving, glovebox pressure control, antechamber control, and glovebox purge control – just plug in the utilities and you are ready to start.

NEXUS custom glovebox

Regenerable Purification Technology

Every NEXUS-II Glovebox System comes with a single or dual column regenerable purification system with automatic circulation valves. The system also controls antechamber evacuation/refill, glovebox pressure and glovebox purge.

With a regenerable purifier, when the purifier becomes saturated with oxygen and/or moisture it may be regenerated to remove the oxygen and moisture using an automatic regeneration sequence. At the completion of the regeneration sequence, the purifier may be put online again to remove oxygen and moisture from the glovebox atmosphere.

Our dual column model allows simultaneous purification and regeneration.

All VAC inert gas purifiers will achieve < 1 ppm oxygen and moisture equilibrium.

Technical Data

Performance: < 1 ppm oxygen & moisture

Purification Capacity: Per purifier, 20 liters of O2 and 1.3 kg of H2O absorption capacity (per mfg. specs).

Regeneration: System has a completely automatic regeneration cycle.

The 7” touch screen LCD displays glovebox pressure, blower speed, analyzer levels and system status. The operator may note antechamber operation and regeneration status at a glance. An alarm panel shows any out of tolerance condition for operator acknowledgement or correction. The system interfaces to VAC oxygen and/or moisture analyzer assemblies.

Leak Certification: Helium leak check to 1 X 10-6 std cc/sec.

Safety Certification: Conforms and certified to UL Std 61010-1 and CSA Std C22.2 NO 1010.1, certified for CE conformity

Power: 110 or 220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 15 amps.

System Weight: 1300 to 1700 lbs. (590 kg to 780kg)

Complete NEXUS-II system with an easy to use menu driven interface and a color, touch screen LCD color display. Built in programmed control of purifier regeneration, glovebox pressure and purging. Controls antechamber evacuation and refill with user programmed timed purge and evacuation. The system is available with optional VAC oxygen and/or moisture analyzer assemblies.

Purifier Isolation Valves: Automatic Valves

Antechamber Control: Controls evacuation/refill with antechamber mounted solenoid valves. User may program the automatic timed evacuation/refill or control the evacuation/refill manually through the touch screen. Optional control of antechamber evacuation with Pirani pressure gauge or inert gas purging. Manual evacuation and refill valving available.

Pressure Control: Controls glovebox pressure. The user may program both the high and low pressure control points. User may specify a special negative pressure only control process. The glovebox pressure and pressure control points are displayed on the touch screen. The system includes a footswitch for manual pressure control.

Over/Under Pressure Limit: Will sound built-in alarm and shutdown electrical power to all valves if glovebox exceeds user programmed over/under pressure limits.

NEXUS 2 Port Single Sided

45"W x 30"D x 36"H

(1143mm x 762mm x 914mm)

NEXUS 4 Port Dual Sided

45"W x 45"D x 36"H

(1143mm x 1143mm x 914mm)

NEXUS 4 Port Single Sided

90"W x 30"D x 36"H

(2286mm x 762mm x 914mm)

NEXUS 8 Port Dual Sided

90"W x 45"D x 36"H

(2286mm x 1143mm x 914mm)

  • Single Length, Single Sided: 45″ Width, 30″ Depth, 36″ Height, 2 Glove Ports, 700 Lb Weight
  • Extra Length, Single Sided: 68″ Width, 30″ Depth, 36″ Height, 3 Glove Ports, 850 Lb Weight
  • Double Length, Single Sided: 90″ Width, 30″ Depth, 36″ Height, 4 Glove Ports, 950 Lb Weight
  • Single Length, Dual Sided: 45″ Width,45″ Depth, 36″ Height, 4 Glove Ports, 800 Lb Weight
  • Extra Length, Dual Sided: 68″ Width, 45″ Depth, 36″ Height, 6 Glove Ports, 950 Lb Weight
  • Double Length, Dual Sided: 90″ Width, 45″ Depth, 36″ Height, 8 Glove Ports, 1050 Lb Weight
  • Glovebox: Available in single, double length, or dual sided. See table above for dimensions. Stainless steel construction with removable end panels. Flanged out design for easy expansion to dual length systems. Full view 1⁄4” polycarbonate front panels, with aluminum glove ports. One dual electrical junction box inside of glovebox. Customer specified interfaces may be located on the end panels or custom positioned in the back of the glovebox.
  • Stand: Steel construction stand has casters, seismic hold down brackets and height levelers.
  • Antechamber: 15″ dia. X 24″ long (380 X 610 mm), stainless steel, mounted on right end panel (standard location). Light weight, domed stainless steel doors with counter weights for easy operation. Stainless steel sliding tray included.
  • Mini-Antechamber: 6” dia. X 12” long (152 X 305 mm), stainless steel, welded to right end panel.
  • Adjustable Shelves: One or two sets of three stainless steel shelves, 8 inches deep X 24 inches wide (203 X 610 mm).
  • Evacuatable Glove Port Cover: Allows glove change with evacuation of glove volume to prevent contamination of inert atmosphere.
  • Gloves: Included with each system, see options for selection.
  • Vacuum Pump: 6.9-CFM (11.7 m3/h) pump included with each system, see options for other choices
  • Purifier Isolation Valves: Automatic ball valves  
  • Glovebox Purge: Automatic ¾” NPT solenoid vent valve.
  • LED Light: Energy efficient glovebox luminaire, 4500K color temperature for optimum visibility in glovebox. Standard feature.
  • Power: 115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Operation. See the Quote Request Form below for part numbers
  • Pressure Control: Glovebox pressure is monitored and controlled using the system control panel.

Key Benefits

  • Twelve hour standard regeneration cycle
  • No cooling water required 
  • Solvent removal protocol (adds 3 hours to regeneration cycle)
  • Oxygen analyzer allows user to calibrate to air or span gas.
  • Smart Purifier feature
  • Smart purge feature
  • Safe purge feature
  • Single or dual purifier configurations
  • Modular glovebox design
  • Evacuable glove port cover 
  • Front access to all components 
  • Automatic antechamber control
  • Built-in diagnostics




The VAC CS-40+ is a refrigeration system designed to provide 20.9L of -35°C refrigerated storage space inside an inert atmosphere glovebox.

Solvent Purification

Our patented recirculation loop purifies solvents to a nearly moisture free condition, with many purification options available.


Two versions available: a water jacketed oven for operation to 600° C and a heat reflective, insulation blanketed oven for operation to 200° C.

Glovebox Cooling

The VAC Dri-Kool systems are air-cooled or water-cooled mechanical refrigeration systems designed for cooling inert gas glovebox atmospheres.


The VAC MD-50 Digital Microscope built for up close work from a distance.

Solvent Trap

VAC’s Solvent Trap is designed to remove organic solvent vapors from the glove box Atmosphere. 

Common Accessories

  • Oxygen Analyzer: Includes sample pump and calibratable electrolytic fuel cell. Displays the glovebox oxygen levels from 0.1 ppm to 25% oxygen.The electrochemical-based sensor is not affected by hydrocarbons and is specific to oxygen. P/N VAC 105627
  • Moisture Analyzer: Includes aluminum oxide probe with NIST traceable calibration. Displays the glovebox levels from 0.5 ppm moisture (-80° C dewpoint). P/N VAC 110000 
  • Glove Port Cover, Evacuatable: Allows evacuation after a glove change to minimize O2 influx. P/N VAC 020321
  • Interface Assy, NW40-KF: Welded feedthru penetration into a glovebox.
  • Interface Assy, NPT: Welded threaded feedthru penetrations into a glovebox. Also vacuum feedthru with 1/4″ valves on interior and exterior of glovebox.
  • Interface Assy, 20 amp: 5-way binding post feedthrus for electrical signals. P/N VAC 100626
  • 9 Pin, D-sub, P/N VAC 401161
  • 15 Pin, D-sub, P/N VAC 401162
  • 25 Pin, D-sub, P/N VAC 401163
  • RJ-45, P/N VAC 401164
  • USB, P/N VAC 400980
  • Interface Assy, BNC, P/N VAC 100627
  • Workstation Ionizer, No Fan: Excellent static control for working with an analytical balance or powders. Free standing.
    P/N VAC 101373, 110 VAC, 60 Hz
    P/N VAC 101467, 220 VAC, 50 Hz
  • Workstation Ionizer, with Fan: For coverage of greater work area. Free standing.
    P/N VAC 400259, 110 VAC, 60 Hz
    P/N VAC 400260, 220 VAC, 50 Hz
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