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Established in 1959, incorporated in California and located in the USA, Vacuum Atmospheres Company has been U.S. owned and operated since its inception with over 20,000 systems worldwide. VAC is deeply committed to supplying the scientific and industrial communities with the highest quality and most technically advanced inert atmosphere products. 

Whether you require gloveboxes, inert gas purification, solvent purification, or fully custom systems, Vacuum Atmospheres Company has the right solution for you and your team.

Our entire company shares in the vision of creating world-class inert atmosphere solutions for our customers. You can trust our team to deliver custom made products for your project’s requirements.

Every system is built in our 78,000 square foot facility located in the United States. Our complete in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to assure maximum control of quality and scheduling.

Our highly experienced engineering and sales personnel are devoted to supplying you with personal assistance for system integration and product selection.

Systems In Use World Wide
Years of continual innovation

Engineering and Design



The VAC Engineering Team is responsible for analysis, design, verification and validation of designs for all standard and new products as well as custom systems.  VAC has successfully completed countless custom designs over the years, including design to customer specifications, modifications of existing designs, prototype development, and completely new designs.  Recently, VAC Engineering worked closely with the VAC Sales staff to devise and bring to fruition our revolutionary, patented Genesis and NexGen inert gas cartridge purification systems.

VAC uses 2D and 3D drafting and modeling to support our standard and custom products.  VAC can provide stress analysis for determination of window and material thickness for standard and custom systems, as well as seismic analysis to UBC requirements using finite element analysis as required.  

VAC can provide special processes and testing as required, including among others, certified welding and inspection to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX and helium mass spectrometer leak testing to ASTM E498 and ASTM E499.

VAC maintains a longstanding membership in the American Glovebox Society (AGS), and VAC engineers have been active in developing and reviewing documents and publications of the AGS Standards Development Committee for many years.  Presently, the VAC Engineering staff has a combined total of almost 100 years of experience in the design of inert gas purification systems and gloveboxes.

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Quality Assurance

VAC is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and compliant to NQA-1:2008 (09) Conformance audits are performed by an independent registrar. Our certificate number is CERT-0144667. As an ISO compliant supplier, VAC is able to provide increased customer satisfaction through improved use of VAC resources and an increased understanding of customer needs and expectations. VAC has met and can implement special quality programs to meet customer requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard used to establish a quality management system that provides confidence in the conformance of manufactured products to established or specified requirements. For more information on this topic, visit the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Web-site.


A manufacturing company that has implemented a quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard and has passed conformance audits performed by an independent registrar. Our registrar is SAI Global. Our Certificate number is CERT-0144667.

  • Continuous improvements in product quality and reliability.
  • Better “On-Time” deliveries.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved use of VAC resources.
  • Increased understanding of customer needs and expectations.
  • Structured and documented design processes.
  • Product improvement through customer feedback.

Helium Leak Check

VAC performs helium leak tests on all gloveboxes, containments, piping, transfer chambers and air locks as a normal course of business. When required by contract, VAC can perform leak check by a certified ASNT technician to ASTM 498 and 499 specifications.

AGS & ISO Leak check

VAC can perform leak check on containments to AGS or ISO standards or guidelines using the pressure decay, pressure rate of rise, or oxygen measurement methodologies.

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