Nexus Modular Purification System

Available in 40-200 cfm configurations depending on glovebox volume.

The Modular Purification System incorporates many features, making it exceptionally versatile and flexible. These features provide an instrumentation/control system that has proven reliability and numerous safety and maintenance advantages.

  • PLC-based instrumentation and control
  • Color touchscreen user interface greatly simplifies system operation
  • Reliable, time-tested pressure and vacuum transducers
  • Intrinsically safe actuators and transducers
  • Integrated PLC control features a minimal number of components, greatly simplifying system diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • All replaceable/rebuildable parts are easily accessible and modular 

The Nexus modular is comprised of four basic units; the Control Module (CM), the 40 cfm Purification Module (PM), the Display Module (DM) and the Vacuum Pump (VP). Each 40 cfm modular system will contain one CM, one PM, one DM and one VP. Additional PMs maybe added as required.

Nexus Modular stack

Key Benefits

The Nexus Modular Purification System will contain one or more PMs, each of which has a 40 cfm capability. The compact design of each module makes this system the ideal choice for almost any installation. When properly sized to the glovebox, the modular system can achieve < 1 ppm oxygen and moisture equilibrium. The system will also control antechamber evacuation/refill, glovebox pressure and glovebox purge.

The 7″ color touch screen operator interface (10″ optional) provides monitoring and control. The modularity and minimal footprint of the system gives unprecedented flexibility in size, capacity, flow rate, installation and cost.

Fully Customizable

We can design a fully custom Modular Purification System to suit your exacting requirements.

Multiple Flow Rates

Five distinct options to choose from: 40 cfm, 80 cfm, 120 cfm, 160 cfm, 200 cfm

Modular Purifier Integration

The PM modularity allows configuration of the system to fit almost any installation requirement. Each of the PMs is a dual column inert gas purifier with variable speed blower, automatic circulation valves and control valves to allow simultaneous purification and regeneration.

Our modularity and minimal footprint of the system gives unprecedented flexibility in size, capacity, flow rate, installation and cost.

Technical Data

1) CM: 6.0″ (w) X 21.3″ (d) X 24.5″ (h)

2) PM: 24.0″ (w) X 21.3″ (d) X 26.0″ (h)

3) DM: 9.5″ (w) X 4.0″ (d) X 8.5” (h)


Installation: The small size will enable easy installations under gloveboxes, under antechambers or on top of gloveboxes. The CM may be separated from the PM for more flexibility.

Flow Rate: 0 to 200 cfm (272 m3/h) (nitrogen, helium or argon) in 40 cfm increments. For example, one CM, three PM’s, one VP and one DM will provide 120 cfm.

Purification Capacity: 20 liters of O2 and 1.3 Kg of H2O absorption capacity per PM (catalyst mfg. specs.)

Regeneration: System has a completely automatic regeneration cycle using evacuation and purging the off-line purifier. Available with user selectable special solvent regeneration cycle. Requires 3-6% hydrogen mixture gas (in nitrogen or argon).

The touch screen displays glovebox pressure, blower speed, analyzer levels (with appropriate sensors) and system status. The operator may note antechamber operation and regeneration status at a glance. An alarm window shows any out of tolerance condition for operator acknowledgement or correction. There are 7” or 10” screen sizes available. The system interfaces to VAC oxygen and/or moisture analyzer assemblies. Analyzers maybe install into user’s glovebox and are supplied with wiring harnesses. The system will also interface to other types of oxygen and moisture analyzers as required.

Antechamber Control: Controls antechamber evacuation and refill. User may program the timed purge and evacuation or control the evacuation or refill manually.

Pressure Control: Controls glovebox pressure (if desired). The user may program both the high and low pressure control points. User may specify a negative pressure only control process. The glovebox pressure and pressure control points are displayed on the touch screen. The system includes a foot switch for manual glovebox pressure control.

Safety Pressure Limit: Will sound built-in alarm and shut down electrical power to all valves and vacuum pump(s) if glovebox exceeds user programmed over/under pressure limits.

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