“What’s important to me is not how the system is at the time of purchase, but what it will be like 10 years from now. This is a very simple design, not much to go wrong.”

Interesting idea

“Wonderful design, low maintenance, simplicity. It’s a winner!”

“Brilliant idea, no down time low cost of ownership.”

Unbelievable performance

“VAC may have revolutionized purifier technology, fantastic idea.”

“Great idea, the ability to use purifiers in existing boxes is very attractive. Low cost, low maintenance is very important.”

“Perfect,  no material to change, no vacuum pump oil to worry about.”

“Excellent idea, simple to use, safer and low cost of ownership, no downtime.”

 “Given today’s budgets, new startups should really check out this technology.”

“No regeneration needed, are you kidding me, how?”

“We are very pleased with our Genesis purifiers, the fact that we don’t need to use H2 in the lab is huge!”